24 August 2010

Oh frogs where art thou.......?????

Our dog Ymke adores the brown frogs in our garden. As you can see the pictures, she stand like this for many hours. She wait as long until there is a frog that will jump. Ymke therefore finds frogs strange creatures. As a pointer she is highly interested in them.
She wants to catch them. So we have to constantly watch her to provide she doesn't catch them.
Pffffffffff.......... it's a neverending story.......ha ha ha.....
And here is one of the brown frogs.......

There was a nice surprise this morning in my mailbox: Teddy bear Times, a teddybear magazine published in the UK. A while ago one of the editors asked if I wanted to mail pictures for an article in the August/September issue. And Hip Hip Hooray one of the pictures is in this issue. It's a small picture, but I am still a bit proud, it's a my first picture ever published in a magazine. And you have to start somewhere right......!!!!
Below are the pictures. They are not high quality pictures, because I photgraphed the article instead of scanning.

Above the little picture of Rosaline.
Below the orginal one....
Meanwhile I'm working on 4 new teddybears. I'm very curious how they will look.
I'm very satisfied with the prototypes/samples that I made.

Work in progress.........stay tuned.......


Heather said...

hahaha, your dog is too cute!

And Congrats on the magazine!!!!

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Thea,

Ymke is a sweetheart. So intense watching for those frogs.

A BIG, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on being published in Teddy Bear Times. Rosaline is beautiful and I love her "little" friend.

I am staying "tuned" to see those other little creations.

Have a wonderful day....

Joyce & The Bears