11 August 2010

New work in progressss..................

I've been working on new designs for several weeks.
It has been a lot of work but I am pretty happy with the result:
12 new patterns!!!

I made a few design examples just to see if the proportions were right. And YESSSSSSS they are!!! (quite a number of design samples ended in my trashbin....!!!!) Tomorrow I will pick mohair for four new designs. I am very excited and I'm also very curious how they are going to be.

While I was working very hard, my dog Ymke took her nappy.
I couldn't resist making a quick snapshot of her.
She choose my husbands shoe as her pillow......silly girl!!!

Stay tuned...........

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The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Thea,

You have been a busy girl. We can't wait to see your new baby.

Oh, what a sweet picture of Ymke, she is precious. Isn't it amazing how they just want to be close by and settle down with you. Of course, if you are cutting mohair on the floor - that is a whole different story.(o:

Hugs, and have a wonderful day
Prudence & Sissy
Mom too, of course.