15 July 2010

Hot, hotter, hottest, wet, wetter, wettest........

Pooh pooh.....it has been very hot in recent days as you can see from the termometer above, 36.5 degrees in the shade.
The heat was followed by a huge cooling down...........photos show the results. Big thunderstorms and lots of water came down.
The streets were completely flooded and within 15 minutes almost 8 cm. of water came down.
our front garden

Our livingroom at 12.54, completely dark!!!
The big tree in our garden has been damaged a lot. Whole branches were broken off and the nest of the wood pigeon did make it unfortunately. I found two eggs on the ground this morning. One egg had been eaten and the other one had a nearly grown pigeon chicken in it.
This is the large tree when the strom passed by.....
I love pigeons especially wood pigeons. They are such comic birds when they walk around in the garden. I feed them every day so they are pretty dear to me. And I was very upset when I found the two eggs on the ground (well actually is was our pointer who found them), and pigeon-mum-&-dad were gone.
The nest was hided in the large tree very well, but because of a broken large branche above the nest, it suddenly came to lie exposed and crows are lurking everywhere here. So I suppose they found the nest with the eggs and destroyed it. Nature is hard!!!
And after rain follows sunshine,
the large tree normally looks like this:
(by the way it's a Liriodendron tulipifera, the so called tulip tree, but the real one, not the magnolia)

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The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Milly Me,

I am so sad to hear about the baby birds - that truly saddens me. )o:

The Tulip Tree, we had them back home (Northwest New Jersey) and I can remember stopping by a neighbor's garden to look at the beautiful flowers.

Have a wonderful day.


Prudence & Sister are teary because of the birdie story. Need to go and give them a hug and some honey - works every time.