27 June 2010

My new knitting bag and fabulous strawberries......

I've shopped a lot last week. I bought a lot of new stuff for my studio. It needed a facelift. It took me a couple of days to clean up (huhhhhh......5-6 days......!!!!!). Do you have the same problem like I do...are you also amazed by what you can collect....? I must admit, I was so amazed seeing my supplies, ribbons, lace etc.
But now everything is neatly in boxes. The only thing I want to do is pimp them up a little bit with lovely ribbons, lace and button so that I know what's in the boxes, of course!!!

I also bumped into this great bag. It was a this-one-is-mine-bag at once. This bag is very suitable of my knittingneedles because he's ABLONG!!!!! And it has also a lot of other very usefull pockets for all kinds of stuff. So I am in heaven with my new colorfull knitting bag!!! Looking at it makes me happy too. It reminds me a bit of Cath Kidston..........
I'm in love with that


We got this box full of strawberries from our neighbour. Thank you Jannie!!! You can wake me up in the middle of the night for STRAWBERRIES!!!!! I love summerfruit, no matter what.....but these are my favorites.
And these are also my inspiration for one of my next teddybears.

Stay tuned...........

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The Bear's Blog said...

Good Morning, Millie Me

I love your blog and giggled when I saw Ymke sleeping in bed. Our dogs do the same thing.

I am posting a wonderful recipe for fresh strawberry pie on my blog on Friday.

The address is wwwbearsjustb-claws.blogspot.com Please drop by, I think you will enjoy the pie.

Teddy Hugs
Joyce & The Bears