27 December 2010

PEEK A BOO...............


Oh no don't be afraid, new teddy bears always look like this..gggg..
I always find it very comical to see the beginning of a new bear.
That this should be a lovely teddy bear face is almost unbelievable, but YEP, believe me, it is.
They all look like this at the beginning.
If all goes well, this teddy bear girl will be born this week....
I'm doing my best.......!!!!!!!!!!

XOXO and stay tuned.........Thea

21 December 2010

The Past , the Present & my Christmas wish

This speaks for itself:
I don't know how it is in the rest of the world, but Holland is suffering from the HEARTS HYPE!!!!
Everywhere you look..........no matter where........there are HEARTS, HEARTS and more HEARTS in all shapes. So I also could not resist buying one of them.

Below is a picture of my Santa Claus from the past.
He is from my childhood. I saw a little Santa Claus in a German magazine and I wanted him so badly...!!!!! My mum decided to make me one. I still remember the day that we went to a craftstore to buy all the supplies that she needed.
And after a few days............my wish was fulfilled.......there he was: my own Santa Claus.
And every year he comes out of the box like a fairytale to me. And every year I remember the little girl of 8 years old when she got her Santa Claus.
The star is cut out by my father, who no longer lives.
So you will understand that this little Santa is very very dear to me.

I was up very late this morning.... (pssstttt.....I had overslept myself again....ggg....) but when I pulled up the blinds.....wow....the whole world looked like a fairytale!!!
It was sooooooo beautiful too see this mysterious sunlight.
It is very cold in Holland. Last night it was -13C. And we had a lot of SNOW!!! This year we have a white Christmas......YEAHHHH!!!
But I have to tell you a little secret: a beautiful winter landscape or not....I am not a "winter person"!! I am a SUMMER-LOVERS-JUNKIE!!! I hate the cold and love the heat and the sun.
I am a bare legs lover, a person that looks much better with a bronze tan instead of beeing pale with a dry, blotchy central heated skin and static hair.
The only thing you can do, is to remove yourself from the situation.
So this is what I will do: I may complain for a while and then I will leave on a 5 weeks holiday. Because this is what kind of person I am: A SUMMER HOLIDAYS PERSON!!!!

I have been busy decorating our house to make the winter a bit more cheerfull....despite the beautiful winterlandscape of this morning.

Our chimney..........with the Christmas Card "mousies"

Our 2.10 m high Christmas Tree.
It took me a morning to decorate it.......pfffffff.......

Our front window.......in the evening.

Many big Christmas hugssss and stay tuned........ Thea

15 December 2010

Please meet: LITTLE VERA........

My mother wanted a teddy bear for her birthday.
She gave me her special requests and I made her this small teddy bear.

Please meet: Little Vera

Vera's outfit is handknitted and her little bunny
is made of woolfelt with embroidered flowers.

There are a lot more pictures of Little Vera on my website.
Click >> HERE <<>

07 December 2010


This sounds like magic words of Harry Potter,
but they are not.......
Amagurimi stands for Japanese crocheting.
I've never done this before and this Hello Kitty is the first to try it. It was really fun to do.
This way of crocheting is quite different than I used to do.
And I am pretty happy with the result.
So as always there is the challenge to make them even smaller........

Stay tuned...........
Hello Kitty Hugsssss, Thea

19 November 2010

My new B.W.A.N. - Bear......

Which means: a Bear Without A Name....he he he. She, cause she is a she, is born today. This is my first little teddy bear. I never ever made a little one like this.
She is only 9 cm - 3½ inches and made of woolfelt.
She's still a bit naked and gave me an order to make pretty clothes for her.....YES M'AM....at your service!!!
Here are her piccy's.......

Have a nice weekend.
XOXO and stay tuned......Thea

12 November 2010

Now.....there is day cream and.........baby day cream.......

I just love Disney's Piglet. She is so sweet to see. You simply must be in love with her at once, she is adorable. And when you find a sweet little baby Piglet on a box with your most beloved day cream (ssssssssssttttttt........in fact it's baby cream, but I love to put on my mature face.....hehehe) . There is only one option left: you MUST buy this cream!
I found these sweet little boxes in a drugstore in Germany. Each box only for € 0,99!!!
Great price for such a good product.
I often shop in Germany. I simply love it. It's a beautiful country, nice people, you can eat & drink well and they have excellent shops. And they also organize the best teddy bear shows too .......... what more do you want .........
oooooohhhhhhhh wellllllll let's see.......hmmmmmm........ how about putting a little bit of this (baby) day cream on my face to the prevent the physical decline a little bit........LOL......

XOXO & stay tuned..........Thea

05 November 2010

International Doll & Teddy Bear Show at Ahoy Rotterdam and more.......

Last Friday my mum and I attended the
International Doll & Teddy Bear Show
at Ahoy - Rotterdam (Netherlands).
As usual a great show with lot's of Dolls, Bears,
Supplies, Toys etc. etc.
Below just a few pictures of the show.....

Above and below two beautiful bears of Christel van Hove (Belgium)

This cutie pie is made by Esther v.d. Meyden (Estheringridoriginals.com)

What more can I say.......above and below pictures of the bears, mice,bunnies and other stuff
all made by Marijke van Ooijen.
Marijke is very talented and her stand was just awesome.

You just have to fall in love with those big beautiful eyes........

Adorable little mice.....

Together with the show at Ahoy, there was a Doll Houses and Miniatures Show at the Rijnhal in the city of Arnhem.
Of what we have heard it's the worlds biggest dolls houses show.
My mum lives pretty close to the city of Arnhem. I have also lived and studied here as well.
And I still love to go there. It's a fantastic city to shop.
My mum wanted to visit this show as well so I was the taxi-driver (with a lot of pleasure of course). It was also the first time we both attended a show like this.
No regrets......we found it both very nice.
Below some pictures....

Christopher Malcomson from the UK is the most fantastic miniaturist Cabinet Maker.
These cabinets are just so beautiful to see.
The one from above was sold after I took the picture. It's price: 2300 Euro

Nothing to complain about visitors.....there were lots.....
This year more than 200 participants coming from all over the world.

Below a scene of the Dutch History.

Below: a TV crew at work.....and I saw the TV broadcast yesterday.

I don't know her name, but the lady from the pictures below, is coming from Belgium and she just creates the most fantastic miniature shops I have ever seen in my entire life.
There are so many details to look at.......just amazing.......

..........and now I need to work.........

XOXO and stay tuned.........Thea

04 November 2010

Something else than just creating teddy bears....

Sometimes I do something else than just creating teddybears.
This time I digitized 3 Diddl images into embroidery patterns for my embroidery machine.
It was a lot of work but I am very happy with the result.
The little girl who will receive this birthday gift will be very happy....!!! I'm very sure.
Diddl and Diddlina are very hot at the moment.
And I have to admit, they are very cute looking.

This is Diddlina

This is Diddl

And here they are together...

XOXO and stay tuned.........Thea

22 October 2010

Autumn arrived......

Another week passed very quickly .... time goes by when you are busy. We had a visit from good friends who brought a beautiful bunch of flowers. It looks great all those warm autumn colors They are so beautiful to look at.

This week I made a teddy bear for my mother's birthday.
When I was filling her, I had to put her away to do something else. I had a big smile on my face when I looked at her and saw that she stood like this. I just had to make a picture of her.

"Little Miss Vera" (what's in a name) had to wait till the 12th of December and then she will fly away to my mothers house. Because of me she started collecting little bears . She's almost 80 yrs of age and she still likes to travel to teddy bears shows with me.
Next weekend we will both attend the International Doll & Teddybear fair at Ahoy - Rotterdam (Netherlands). It's a real Mecca for doll & teddy bear lovers and I am really looking forward.

The next coming weeks we are busy picking out a new kitchen!!!!! We want at least an English/Dutch country kitchen style. There are several "kitchen-farmers" in our neighbourhood who still design and create kitchens. It is hard to pick one ........ but in any case, and no matter what: the money printing machine will be turned on ..... lol......

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and great week.

XOXO & stay tuned.......

14 October 2010

EURO TEDDY 2010 - Essen (Germany)

As promised I will show you some pictures which I made when I attended Euro Teddy in Essen (Germany). It was a great show, with lot's of fantastic bears all made by great teddy bear artists around the world. It was very nice to meet several artists from Australia and Russia.
They were exhibititing for the first time in Essen.
Most of the pictures are taken from the nominees who were taking part in the Euro Teddy Award of 2010.
I still do not know who the overall winner is......?????
Sorry, I checked the website, but there is no info available about 2010.
Please click on the pictures to enlarge....!!!